Glenearn Junior Badminton Club aims to create a safe environment for all children participating in club activities.  We have in place appropriate people, policies, procedures and practices to support this aim.


Our Child Protection Officer is Sandi MacDougall.  You can telephone Sandi MacDougall, who is also the Club Secretary, on 01828 633184.   Anyone with concerns regarding the safety or welfare of children at the Club should contact Sandi.


We have adopted the child protection policies of Badminton Scotland.  Further information can be found at


A number of our leaders are members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme.  The PVG scheme is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland.  It helps makes sure people whose behaviour makes them unsuitable to work with children and/or protected adults, can't do regulated work with these groups.

Our Child Protection Officer has obtained details of PVG checks for our PVG scheme members to ensure Disclosure Scotland is not aware of any reason that makes them unsuitable to work with children.  At least one PVG-checked leader is present at each session of the Club.  Other adults that are present at club sessions are required to complete a self-declaration.

Our Child Protection Officer works has attended Safeguarding & Protecting Children and In Safe Hands training.  Ross Paterson, the Club's treasurer and one of the leaders, has attended Safeguarding Children training.  Several of our other leaders work professionally with children in education and/or childcare roles, and have received appropriate training as part of their professions.  All of our leaders are provided with details of child protection training opportunities.


We have in place a code of conduct for working with children at the Club.  Each of our leaders is required to adhere to the code of conduct.


We have in place a disciplinary procedure.


Our Club is affiliated to Badminton Scotland.  Badminton Scotland provide advice and support to the Club on child protection matters.   The support from Badminton Scotland includes the ongoing support of the Club by the relevant Badminton Scotland Regional Development Officer.

Live Active Leisure regularly provides the Club with details of training opportunities for leaders, including on child protection matters.

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